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Leather HandiCase with Qi charger

The biggest complaint (and biggest question) revolving around the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was the size of each device. Not only were people uncertain about the awkwardness of typing or holding a larger phone to their ear, but some (mostly women) were concerned about how to carry the phone.

Men had it a little bit easier with larger pockets on their clothing, but most women felt forced into tossing their phone in their purse, which is always a bit of a problem because we all know that the thing we want in a purse has always fallen to the bottom.Leather HandiCase with Qi charger

The Leather HandiCase with QI charger is an affordable and stylish solution to this problem. This premium leather case (offered in three colors) protects your phone from any bending (we all know about that one), scratching, or dropping without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk like you find with a lot of the dual cases. In addition, it also includes slots for your ID and cards (though ApplePay has reduced the need to carry as many cards), so everything you need is in one compact location.

Unlike other cases, this case also makes charging simple. You don’t have to remove the phone from the case. The HandiCase has a Qi receiver so you simply set the phone on the Qi charger and it will charge through the case! No need to plug anything into the phone itself. You can get the case without the Qi charger, but the convenience is probably worth the extra money.
This case is currently on Kickstarter with shipping estimated in April 2015.

Leather HandiCase with Qi charger

Author: Misha Davis

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