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Hands On: ChargerSticks 2600 mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger #portablecharger


Hands On: ChargerSticks 2600 mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger #portablecharger

“This nifty little charger is less than 2 ½ ounces and almost 2 ½ inches long making it lightweight, slim and oh so portable. It tucks neatly into a briefcase, purse or gym bag, but you can always just slip it into your pocket. Whatever the case, you’ll always have it handy when your USB devices need a charge.”


A hot pink, little charger that really packs a punch.

There’s really nothing to it – the ChargerSticks portable cell phone does exactly what you need it to do.

There are no switches, arrays of lights, or a multitude of cords to use.   The Stick has 2 ports – a mini USB to charge the stick, and a regular sized USB to charge your device. There’s an LED light to see that your stick has done charging.   That’s it.

Actually, pleasantly simple.

If you’re looking for a portable charger for your purse, or even pocket – the ChargerSticks charger is the right shape and colour.   Maybe keep one in your car glove box?  It’s small enough to keep out of the way, and the colour makes it hard to miss.

The metallic composition of the Stick makes it hardier than most.   It seems to be very well sealed and looks like it could take something of a beating.

Included in the box, is a velvet-like draw-string bag, instruction manual, and a micro USB Cable (find your own outlet).

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Apple Iphone 4, 4s, 5s, 5c, 6
Samsung Galaxy s3, s4, s5
Google Nexus
And Other smart phones


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