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As the internet becomes more crowded every day, the process of getting a blog, or any website, to stand out from the pack has become more difficult. All the glitzy designs, commercials, and high-definition backgrounds can really make the eyeballs of readers pop, but too often all that technical glamour can work against a website. A look at Robert Bratt’s blog reveals a clean concept that has an impact on readers. Simplicity is the key. Using content and writing to capture an audience instead of relying on gadgets and gizmos is an idea that can work wonders with a blog.


A simple and clean design can make a blog extremely memorable. In lieu of placing a number of graphic and packing the site with advertisements, readers will recall the site for what was not on the page. In short, by using white space and a compelling color design, blog owners create a different experience than many internet users are accustomed to. Different is often better when it comes to the internet. Even though a simplified design is not exactly new territory on the internet, the mindset of keeping things streamlined has fallen by the wayside. Therefore, a crisp and to-the-point layout can make a blog much more memorable.

Increase Focus

Simple designs keep the attention of the reader on the content. Instead of using fancy graphics and scrolling marquees to distract the attention of the reader, bloggers can increase the attention actually paid to the post. Since blogs are a written and long-form of communication, conveying a point or relaying information is complete much more efficiently with fewer elements on the page.

Fast Load Times

The internet has gone mobile in many cases. Several smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other technological gadgets have different parameters at which they operate. Embracing a simple scheme on a blog actually increases the loading time for the page, which means readers can navigate much more quickly to their destination regardless of the device being used. Speed is everything when it comes to web-based applications, and blogs that take the overall user experience into consideration can see visitor frustration minimized or erased altogether.

Easy to Read

The whole point of a blog is to communicate with readers. Simple color schemes make for easier reading. An elegant black on white layout that mimics what typical readers see in books, can increase the appeal of the blog tremendously. Furthermore, a friendly and easy to read font provides additional layers of simplicity. Harsh colors and large visuals might tell a great story, but they can be a lot of trouble on the eyes of reader. After all, if a site is hard to read, visitors could abandon the visit and click to another page.
In the end, a simplified design and layout can work wonders for a blog by making it easy to read, load fast across multiple platforms, keep the focus of reader on the content, and actually make the site more memorable. Using blogs to solve any number of communication issues, enhance a business, or even to generate new customers is a process that many companies reap the benefits of. Keeping the user experience streamlined and focused allows the site to get to the point. In short, efficiency and optimization are increased with a simple design.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

Should his schedule permit, Andy is available to help you with your SEO and Web Analytics needs.