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pokemon_go.0The time has come. The years we spent huddled over Gameboys and collecting gym badges have finally paid off– A new Pokemon journey awaits!

Japan, September 10th- Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have granted the wish of Trainers everywhere with the announcement of Pokémon Go, an app-based Pokémon game that allows its user to explore the world around them in a new way; This augmented reality app displays wild Pokemon in the area, as well as other app users willing to do battle.

Tsunekazu Ishihara also blows our minds with  a gorgeous promotional video– A Father and daughter catch a wild Charizard, teenage boys and girls battle their Pokémon in friendly competition, and as a grand finale, Trainers flood Times Square to defeat the infamous Mewtwo. The graphics are stunning and bridge us to the long-awaited world of Pokemon. I have no shame in saying it– I had goosebumps.

This app is Nintendo’s first venture into the app market, but they are coming out swinging. Partnering with Google maps, Nintendo’s goal of creating a smooth, user-friendly Pokémon world aligned with our own seems promising! Details of the game are still uncertain, but from what we see in the video, catching, training, battling, and trading your Pokémon should all be possible! Pokémon Go is sure to be the highly interactive, brilliantly creative augmented reality game we have all been waiting for.

But let’s get down to business. Nintendo knows how badly we want this. So how severely are they planning on hurting our wallets?

According to their website, the app should be released sometime in 2016 for… wait for it… free! The app itself will be available for iPhones and Androids for zero dollars and zero cents! The site does go on to say that there will be in app purchases but the extent of these purchases is unclear. Hopefully, we will not have to shell out five dollars for every poke ball.

What does seem like a budget buster is the Pokémon Go Plus; a small, Bluetooth enabled device that would allow the player to be notified of nearby Pokémon and upcoming battles without checking their phone. The adorable, key chain-like poke ball looks like a great way to enhance the user experience but at what price? While Nintendo has yet to release that information, it’s sure to be hefty.

While we are very early in the process, and a lot of unknowns about the game still exists, Pokémon Go has captured our imaginations. Men and women everywhere, turn your hats backward and grab your phones; starting in 2016, it will be time… to Catch Em’ All!

Check out the Nintendo Pokémon Go Website here


This is a guest post by Leo Kelly.
Leo Kelly is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. Native of the DC area. Writer / Photographer / Illustrator

Author: Andy Quayle

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