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(BPT) – A picture has always been worth more than a thousand words; images capture feelings and retell cherished memories. Modern technology has increased the value of an image, by making it easier than ever to preserve and share special moments.

While your grandparents may have relied solely on tangible prints to save and share images, today you have access to even more ways to capture, store, share and print memories. These technologies help families and friends feel more connected, regardless of distance. Devices like the Canon Connect Station CS100, a photo and video storage device that can connect to multiple compatible imaging devices, are revolutionizing the 21st century photo album.

Today’s “photo album” is:

* Flexible –Today, you can snap photos and shoot video on a variety of digital cameras, from a digital SLR camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T6i or a Canon VIXIA camcorder. The variety of imaging devices make it easier than ever to ensure you never miss the chance to preserve a special moment.

* Convenient – In the early days of digital photography, images were transferred from the device to a computer through use of a cable or memory card. Today, it’s easy to transfer images from device to device through a variety of means, using products with Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

* Shareable – You can send images digitally through a variety of devices. It’s now possible to snap a picture at your child’s sporting event and text or email it immediately to Grandma in another state. Or, you can share entire photo albums wirelessly between users. For example, the Canon Connect Station CS100 allows you to store images on the device wirelessly with the use of a compatible camera or mobile device.

* Vast – A variety of products and services today give you access to an abundance of storage. For a long-term storage solution in the convenience of your own home, this specific Canon device can store about 150,000 photos or 70 hours of Full HD video.

* Creative – Most modern image-capturing devices also come with built-in software to allow you to manipulate images, create video, add effects and more. Once you’ve created the images you desire, it’s easy to transfer them to your preferred storage device, print them out and create physical albums or crafts.

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