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Whether you’re an existing customer or switching over from another provider with a poor network, you’ll receive 24 GB of bonus data every year when you upgrade or activate a new phone with device payment on XL or larger Verizon Plans. Available for a limited time, the 24 GB of bonus data is added as 2 GB of monthly bonus data and is shareable.

That means a family upgrading or activating new phones on four lines with XL or larger sizes can receive an extra 8 GB of data per month for the account – that’s 96 GB of shared data per year, for life.

You can share your 2 GB of monthly bonus data with all devices on your account, including tablets and connected devices. (However, tablets and connected devices are not eligible to receive the 2 GB monthly bonus data when upgrading or activating.) You can add up to 10 lines per account. To receive the bonus data for life, your smartphone must remain active on the XL or higher Verizon Plan.


Upload or download 600 awesome photos.
Make 150 high bandwidth video calls.
Keep up to date with your Facebook Newsfeed for 102 hours.
Stream 10 HD 30-minute television shows.
Surf the web for 89 hours.
Stream 512 songs.
Navigate on Google Maps for 34 hours.

If you’re switching to Verizon from a discount provider or a company with a poor network, you can also receive up to $650. What’s the fastest way to score these savings?  Visit a Verizon store to get these promotional values and on-the-spot credit for your trade-in.