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Nonda iHereHere I sit, on my travels, in an airport terminal. I have my carry on bookbag next to me.
In my carry on?  Rather expensive and very important IT equipment. Laptop, tablet, phone, chargers, itineraries, passport, passes, etc.
Accompanying my stuff, I have a Nonda iHere.

What is a “Nonda iHere”?  Well, it’s sold as a rechargeable Key Finder.
Why am I keeping it with my luggage? It’s not that I’m worried about someone running off with my stuff, I’m more concerned about me walking away from it.
With the iHere paired to my phone, I’ll get an alert (see: alarm) if I walk away from my valuables.
Using the app, I can lead myself back to it should I get lost.

81Juu1NHArL._SL1500_What’s different about the iHere? There are a lot of keychain things out there.  Nonda has created the first rechargeable device.
It’s petite yet hard-wearing.
It’s not small enough to get lost itself.

There’s more, though.
Using the button on the iHere, you can control certain functions on your phone – call your phone, use it to record audio, take pictures.
If you’re within 75 feet (thanks to Bluetooth 3.0) of your phone with the iHere, you can connect to it.
IMG_1414It’s great for selfies, group photos and more.

This little guy packs a punch, too.
At 85DB, you’re going to hear whatever alert it has to offer, and the charge holds for weeks.

I enjoy Nonda, because they’re using their imaginations here.
If they add more functionality to the iHere, you’ll get it because you’re a device owner. And to them – you’re special 🙂

At less than $20, you really can’t go wrong.

1.5 inches x 0.36 inches x 1.4 inches.

Proprietary USB-type charging cable.

Find out more about the Nonda iHere Rechargeable Keyfinder here.

Find the iHere on Amazon

iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder, Phone Finder and Car Locator from Nonda on Vimeo.

Here’s what Nonda has to say about it:


Never worry about losing your valuables. Attach iHere to your frequently lost items (keys, wallet & purse) and find them via the iHere3 app. The app can track any iHere’s Bluetooth signal up to a 75-foot radius. Simultaneously, use iHere to ring your lost Apple device.


iHere’s volume (up to 85 dB) exceeds most other key finders to ensure an easy search.


When in a hurry or running late, find your lost item with just 1 click. Be on your way in a flash.


Get 2 devices in 1. Control your phone’s camera shutter easily with iHere. Take the perfect selfie or group photo every time.


iHere presents endless possibilities. You’ll automatically get additional iHere functionalities for free as they are launched on the app.


A charging cable and the new 2015 version of the iHere 3.0 device + 1 year free replacement for any hardware failure.


Avoid waiting for days to get a response. Get friendly and fast customer service every time.