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The process of picking a proper toolbox for an automotive shop or garage is easy if certain things are considered during the shopping phase. Many stores sell a variety of toolbox designs that benefit casual mechanics and highly experienced shop technicians. If you select in ideal product, your efficiency level will increase dramatically during time-consuming maintenance and repair tasks.

Stationary Tool Box

Although a stationary box is manufactured with wheels underneath it, you shouldn’t choose this product if your shop or garage is fairly large. Since a stationary tool box isn’t designed for mobility, it should only be used during small projects in a compact space.

Roll-Around Tool Box

A roll-around tool box is a great choice for anyone who likes to tackle multiple tasks in a variety of locations. You can put replacement casters for this toolbox, but you’ll probably need help during the installation process. Upright toolboxes that roll are heavy because they have large drawers that are specifically designed for big shop tools.

Caster Wheel Replacement Guide

Begin the process by removing the old wheel. If you haven’t purchased the new caster wheel yet, study the fitting carefully because it will help you pick proper replacement product. When shopping for casters online, you must measure the old casters’ mounting plate precisely. This strategy will help you select replacement wheels that match your toolbox.

Next, consider the weight of the new casters because you may have problems rolling the toolbox properly if the wheels aren’t sturdy. Some tool manufacturers put weight requirements for their product labels. If you buy caster wheels that offer good support, your toolbox will never collapse during an important project.

Because toolbox casters are made of different materials, you must select a wheel with a coating that will function efficiently in your work environment. A customer service representative can recommend a product that can roll effortlessly over concrete, tile, or marble flooring. If the flooring in your shop is constructed on uneven land, consider buying casters that have a brake. After the mechanism is locked, it will prevent rolling and drafting throughout a maintenance project.

A toolbox with wheels is worth buying because the casters make complex shop tasks easier. Casters can spin and rotate in any direction, so the process of moving heavy tools to strategic spots is never a hassle.