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Runner with heart rate monitor sports watch. Man running looking at his pulse outside in nature on road.

Whether you want to shed a few pounds, tone up a bit or train for a marathon, there is a tech gadget out there to keep you on track. Whatever your motivation is for getting up and moving, the fitness tools below will help you reach your goals.

FitBit Blaze

With its innovative features, like the PurePulse Heart Rate monitor and color touchscreen that you can customize to your liking, the FitBit Blaze is a great fitness gadget alternative to the wristband. In addition, the watch also comes equipped with FitStar, a subscription service that will show you workout suggestions right on the watch face. If you’re a cyclist, either at an indoor cycling class or in the great outdoors, the FitBit Blaze has a bike exercise feature that will keep track of your workouts and how many calories you are burning.

Lumo Run

This might sound like it is right out of a sci-fi movie, but Lumo Run shorts and capris have trackers built right into the clothes that will give you immediate feedback on your run. The workout gear is great for casual joggers or serious runners who are concerned about their form. You can also purchase a sensor and Lumo Clip to attach to any pair of running shorts or pants — the device will give you real-time audio coaching as you are out running, personalized exercises and feedback on biomechanics, including the way your body rotates when running. Lumo Run also gives you the option to workout without having to carry your phone.

Emfit QS Sleep Monitor

Quality sleep has been linked to better health and improved athletic performance. If you are hitting the gym hard but then tossing and turning all night, your muscles won’t be able to recover properly. Thanks to the Emfit QS Sleep Monitor, you can find out how well your body bounced back from yesterday’s workout. Instead of strapping the monitor to your body, which can be uncomfortable, you tuck it underneath your mattress; the Emfit will then transmit data to the app. In addition to keeping tabs on your heart rate, the Emfit will also keep tabs on your heart rate variability (HRV), which measures the time between beats. In general, those with higher HRVs tend to be more fit, so you can really keep tabs on your fitness level and the impact your workouts are having on your heart rate.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Believe it or not, it is possible to have a fitness tech tool in the form of a refrigerator. While the foods you eat have long been linked to health and fitness, the Samsung Family Hub Fridge is taking your produce and other healthy food storage to a whole new level. The refrigerator comes equipped with cameras on the inside, so you can effortlessly check what you have on hand while you are at the store. The fridge can also keep track of how long you’ve had your fruits and veggies in there, so you can be sure you are eating them at the peak of freshness. The fridge can also be linked to a music app, so if you enjoy working out at home, the fridge can play your favorite tunes for you.