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It’s no question in this digital age that businesses need software to run efficiently. Companies have to keep track of weekly and monthly goals, employees must communicate with one another, and task-oriented workers need to remain visible to management. From human resource software like Zenefits and sumHR to team collaboration software like Asana and Trello, your business need to implement software programs that improve its efficiency and help it thrive. If you are running a small business, seriously consider integrating these four pieces of software into daily use.

Employee Collaboration Software

Collaboration software programs like Asana provide a vital piece of technology for any business that needs both employee communication and visibility. Allowing users to keep track of current projects, Asana provides deadlines, a highly visible perspective on projects, and is intended to move employee communications away from emails. The software is also well-designed with a warm gradient background. The interface stimulates the user without overwhelming him or her.

Basecamp is similar to Asana in that it helps organize and prioritize team tasks, but it also provides clients with the same visibility that internal members receive. Basecamp is ideal for large teams that need an efficient way to communicate and for companies tackling multiple projects, all which depend on one another.

Human Resources

Human resources software programs like Zenefits can be life-savers. This software gives employees the ability to schedule paid time off, or PTO, sick days, and half days without interrupting anyone’s day. Beneficial to both employees and employers, Zenefits allows users to track payments and manage their benefits as well as giving that same visibility to employers for tax purposes.

You might also try sumHR, which is another human resource tool that allows users to control scheduling and benefits. The company is quickly growing, and future software updates include performance reviews and reporting for increased employee accountability.

Cloud Security

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With so many companies moving to cloud-based services, they need better protection to ensure the security of sensitive company information. Cloud Access Security Broker, or CASB, offers file security and threat detection. Software programs like these provide your business with added visibility and security, ensuring your hard work is not compromised by a hack. Don’t hesitate to secure your small business today with a high-quality cloud protection service.

Scheduling Software

When working with multiple employees who deal with ever-changing schedules, it’s important to implement the right technology to ensure no miscommunications occur. When I Work aims to do just that. Employers are able to set schedules through the software, and employees can see when they work, easily trade shifts with other employees, and request time off through this technology. When you and your employees get on the same page, you’ll be able to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Running a business can only prove efficient when you implement the right technology. Employees need to control their human resource files and enjoy quick access to schedules, while employers need worker visibility and added cloud security. Integrate these four pieces of software today and notice smoother sailing in your business ventures.