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screen_captureNowadays, you can watch movies and TV programs online. This is a fantastic convenience that has been made available to all of us. However, it will be even better if you can watch the movie or TV shows offline as well. For this reason, you should be getting a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows you to record as many of your favorite movies online and store them on your computer hard disk for future watching. There is no limit on how long you can record your desktop screen.

Before you start recording, you must know the URL of the page of the video that you want to record. You should go to that video page and make sure that the video is available. Next, you should open Movavi Screen Capture Studio first before opening the video page on the browser. You should set your taskbar to auto hide so that it won’t record the taskbar. When the software is opened, you must go to the video page on your browser and draw the recording frame over the video.

The screen capture software only record whatever activities that occur inside the recording frame. When you are recording an online video, you should quit all other opened applications and organize the icons on your desktop so that they look neat. If your desktop is cluttered, the mess can make it confusing for you to record a video with the screen capture software.

Now, you must press the Rec button to start recording. You should quickly press the play button to start the online video streaming as soon as you press the Rec button. This will result in recording some blank space at the beginning of the screen capture session but you can delete this afterwards. You can go away to do your stuff while the video is being recorded.

You must not forget to come back and click the stop button when the video ends otherwise it will keep on recording until the file becomes too large for you to save onto the hard drive. Sometimes, the video that you record will need a little bit of editing. For some small editing, you can use the video editor module included in the software package to edit it. Editing the video enables you to omit out the mistakes that are being recorded during the screen capture session. It does not come cheap video editor included for free in the package. The video editor included in the package is equipped with all the necessary features and has a timeline work area.

The crop tool is very useful for you to clip off extra spaces around the video as a result of not drawing the recording frame exactly as the size of the video player. If you want to delete some scenes that you don’t want to see in the video, you can use the scissor tool. The volume of the soundtrack in the movie can be increased so that you can hear it clearly while watching the movie.