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img_3539Subscriptions – they’re everywhere.   Some make sense, others not so much.

When I heard about quip, I wasn’t so sure.  I mean – it’s a toothbrush, right?

I’ve been using an electric toothbrush for some time.   Nothing overly fancy – a Spinbrush, I think.
I always leave it too long before I remember to change the heads, the heads are always too expensive, and I was never sure I had the right ones.

So, I figured I’d check it out and see if it makes sense at all.
I found that it does – for me at least – otherwise, I’d not be writing this, right?

Pay $25 (lowest cost), and then $10 per month:

Day 1 – quip electric brush, travel cover mount, large toothpaste, small toothpaste

3 months – brush head, large toothpaste, small toothpaste, AAA battery

See – batteries included!

I went for the plastic handle – of course, can pick from different colors of handle even an aluminum handle if you want it for a little more.

A regular toothbrush, you’re looking at about $10 or more for the toothbrush and a head. Then you’re looking at, at least $10 for a head or two every month or two.  Toothpaste os extra on top of that, of course. The cost of a battery? that’s negligible, but still.

quipThe toothbrush?  It’s petite. ok, maybe petite isn’t the best word, but it’s not huge and obtrusive.
It takes just a single AAA battery (again, included) – the diameter isn’t much more than that.
The head is a fairly typical toothbrush head, as toothbrush heads go – rubber bristles surrounding the fiber inner bristles (can you tell I’m not an orthodontist?).  Tongue “scrubber” on the reverse of the head.
The vibration is interesting.   The “electric” component of the toothbrush doesn’t send the head spinning or bristles moving back and forth – there’s a fairly gentle buzz to the head. It’s effective, though.

quip can word it better:
“Our brush head contains 1,200 soft DuPont nylon bristles inserted into 34 tufts to give each tooth a gentle cleaning. We do not and will not supply Medium or Hard (or “green”) bristles as they can be damaging to teeth and gums. Please consult with your dentist if you usually purchase medium or hard bristles.”
The buzz isn’t so much that when removed from the mouth it sends toothpaste spraying everywhere, which is nice.
The toothbrush itself is a nice, little, slick looking device with no large button or moving parts to clog up with junk.
“The electric motor vibrates at an industry standard 15,000 RPM to provide a thorough yet non-damaging cleaning action. The Motor pulses every 30 seconds to help you evenly clean your teeth and gums and cuts out at 2 minutes to let you know when to stop. Our motor runs on a Rechargeable or Replaceable AAA Battery. The battery will last the same 3 months as your brush head. When replacing the brush head, you can simply slide out the battery and replace with a fully charged/ fresh one (if you are on a refill plan we supply a fresh AAA every 3 months). “
The adhesive holder is a nice touch too.

There’s a timer!  Yout toothbrush has a timer.   It pauses every 30 seconds to say “hey, change it up!”  and a difference in vibration and a stop after 2 minutes to tell you that you’ve brushed for long enough.

Yes, the toothbrush is nice. The toothpaste is… minty.

The friendly folk at quip do more than sell product.   They promote hygiene and best practices – you get a book with tips on how to care for you and your toothbrush with your kit.  They’re partnering with dentists, sending you check-up reminders, and rewarding you for referring friends and giving to charity.

If you use the portion guide (about a pea-sized amount of toothpaste), your tube of toothpaste will last you 3 months – just in time for your new tube and new head.

Is it cost-effective?  It probably works out just about the same as a quality toothbrush and replacement parts, and battery, and toothpaste.
Of course, having what you need arrive in your mailbox every three months is worth it alone. That way, you can go straight from your mailbox to your bathroom and change the head right away. Convenience is priceless, right?

The toothpaste? Per the folks at quip:
“ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.1% w/v fluoride) (anticavity ingredient) INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Carboxymethyl, Cellulose, Flavor, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Saccharin

Our toothpaste is not tested on animals and is Vegan.”

I like it.   It works.   My teeth are clean.   🙂    Give it a shot!

Click here to check out quip and get $5 your first month (I’ll get $5 off mine too)