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MONTREAL – InstruMMents, an innovation company founded by the creators of Misfit Shine, introduces Pro App, making 01 the world’s most portable 3D curve scanner. 01 rolls over objects to capture contours, wirelessly connecting to smartphones. From there, users can log, share and download in key 3D formats. InstruMMents also introduces 01Go, a sans pen version of the dimensioning instrument. 01Go is available on Indiegogo for a limited time at just $79.

See demo.

“Capturing not just dimensions, but character lines and sections of objects in 3D is essential to anyone working in 3D,” said founder and CEO Mladen Barbaric. “Yet today, it’s a really painful experience. We are going to change that.”

“Mladen and his team are some of the best product designers I’ve ever worked with, and have once again reimagined an important product category,” stated John Sculley, ex-CEO of Apple® and PepsiCo and co-founder of Misfit.


01 launched to a fantastic response in November with Lite app that elegantly captures dimensions of any object. With the Pro app, 01 is becoming a much more powerful device. Users can both capture dimensions with the Lite app now, and can soon scan curves in 3D using the InstruMMents Pro iOS and Android apps.

01 is available now for $149 at Indiegogo and has started shipping to early backers. 01Go is now available for pre-order for a limited time at $79, after which it will retail for $99, and will ship starting March 1, 2017. The Pro app will be available in the Spring of 2017, at $10/year, while all Indiegogo backers will receive up to five year access to Pro for free. Lite app is available for free starting December 10 on the App and Play stores. Sleeves, ink and lead refills as well as batteries can be purchased online

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About InstruMMents
InstruMMents is a rethinking dimensioning. Founded by the creators of Misfit Shine, the innovation company crafts software and instruments to improve the way we capture and use dimensions.