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When you have an ecommerce site, choosing the right web host can be a make-or-break decision. You want the best for your website because anything less might be what leads to your website’s demise. An ecommerce website is similar to a physical store in the way where you need to provide your customers with a “shopfront” that is very presentable. Your site needs to be easy for your customers to navigate and it is integral that your website runs smoothly while your customers are browsing. Because of this, your decision on choosing a web host is crucial in maintaining a well-running site. If the site goes down, you have the potential to lose sales and loyal customers. Below are some of the reasons why it pays to choose a high-quality web host in order to continue to offer your customers a dependable running site.

Quality Trumps Cost

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up company or an established one, the hosting company that you choose can greatly determine your site’s reliability. When choosing a hosting company, you should never choose based on cost alone. This could end up hurting your business in the long run. Ecommerce web hosting services like the ones found at offer customers the speed and reliability needed to keep a site running smooth. If a customer visits a site that runs slow, they might get frustrated and be inclined to take their business to another website instead.

Great Technical Support

A good hosting service will offer their customers support 24/7. This is essential for online businesses because their sites are being accessed day and night. The last thing an ecommerce site owner needs is running into a problem that needs to be fixed quickly and not being able to get in touch with their hosting company’s technical support team. Be sure that the company you choose has real people that you can talk to whenever the need arises. If you never end up needing to call them, you can at least enjoy the peace of mind know that they are there if you do need them. Every minute of downtime that your site may experience could be a loss in money for your company.


Having a secure site is critical for an ecommerce infrastructure. No company can afford to take chances when it pertains to their customer’s private information and payment details. The server platform that your site is hosted on will ultimately determine how secure and safe your site is for your customers. In many cases, a VPS hosting service should be considered because it offers the highest level of security and the most reliable site performance.

An online ecommerce site can only be as good as its hosting solution. It is important that you think about your server needs before you select your hosting plan. The wrong choice could end up costing your company money, time and customers.