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Smart homes were once a theory found only in science or the movies, but today’s innovations have made it possible to control almost every aspect of your property. From setting the temperature from afar to watching live feeds around the home, intelligent properties are more affordable than ever. Consider what you can install in your home today that will improve your life and protect the family.

Starting With the Thermostat

Dip your toes into the world of smart technology by starting small. Swap out your old thermostat for an intelligent model. These products take only a few minutes to install, and they’re entirely different than your traditional panels. Today’s thermostats are programmable at the panel or through an app on your phone. Many thermostats also learn your settings over the course of several days or weeks. At some point, the thermostat simply changes the temperature based on the time of day. This convenience saves you money over time as energy concerns aren’t an issue around the home.

Connecting With WiFi

The French refer to the smart home as “domotique maison intelligente,” which describes automation at the highest level. This automation isn’t possible without the Internet. Most items around your home that have smart capabilities must be connected to your WiFi system. It takes a few minutes for each device to connect into your secured Internet, and then they remain online for the duration of their life. The Internet connection makes it possible to access video, audio and data being generated around the home. You can be virtually in the home without stepping foot on the property.

Arranging Surveillance Cameras

A major part of having a smart home is surveying it when you aren’t there. Security cameras are incredibly small today, and they’re reasonably priced. Ideally, place cameras in all major thoroughfares around the house, such as common living areas and hallways. Avoid any surveillance in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Consider video feeds around the home’s exterior too. Catch audio and visuals around side areas and backyards. You’ll always know what’s going on at your property with video feeds supplying the information. It may be possible to save on insurance costs with surveillance constantly protecting your home.

Accessing Video On The Go

All you need is a certain app on your phone in order to access the video. The home itself requires an Internet connection to make that app come alive on your device. Log into your account online, which can be done from any smartphone, tablet or computer. With the click of a few icons, access any camera that you desire. Many of these feeds can be recorded, paused and saved for future reference. Screenshots of questionable people on your property are especially helpful if there’s a trespassing situation.

Integrating Strategic Lighting

Smart homes aren’t always focused on security cameras. Lighting your home for comfort and protection is also an option. Connect your electrical panel into a WiFi connection so that you can control any light through your personal device. Turn on the lights if you’ll be home late. This automatic feature makes the home appear as if someone is within the structure. Any trespassers will think twice about venturing onto your property now. Lighting can also be controlled around the yard. Add accent lights to the exterior so that you’re further protected from trespassers that might take advantage of darkened corners.

Ringing the Doorbell

Home automation has come so far that the standard doorbell is now a smart component. Visitors ring the bell, and you have instant video and audio with the people at the door. You appear to be home, but you’re actually speaking through your phone from a remote location. This feature is particularly helpful if you travel frequently for work or pleasure. Letting everyone know that you’re “present” means that fewer crimes may happen in the area.

Working with a reputable installer is critical to any smart home’s success. As you purchase the items, ask the salespeople about their suggestions for an installer. They’ll often have a name or two to offer you. With everything set up without any hiccups, your smart home can operate nearly maintenance free for many years.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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