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More people are traveling than ever before. Whether for leisure, business, school or countless other reasons, the world is now being traversed by people young and old from all continents and countries.

That means the market for travel-related services and products is only continuing to expand. Nowadays, companies that target travelers have a number of ways to attract and interact with these globetrotters.

With this in mind, here are three ways technology can help businesses better connect with travelers and offer superior customer service.

1. Twitter Publicity

Due to its public nature, Twitter presents both challenges and opportunities for travel companies. These days, airlines, in particular, can be trending on Twitter for either all the right or all the wrong reasons. While this may seem negative, it can also provide an opportunity to showcase that airline personnel are human and make mistakes — and their ability to own up to it and provide a pleasant brand experience can help them stay more top of mind.

If a reasonable resolution comes from the interaction between customer and airline, then that’s some good, free publicity for the carrier. And, of course, it gives companies the ability to quickly determine when issues arise and solve them immediately.

The volume of responses from airlines is increasing, albeit slowly, according to a report from Conversocial. Over the past two years, “the industry average for social media responsiveness” has risen from 21 percent to 25 percent. And company CEO Joshua March, in an interview with Mashable, noted that this figure is actually not as small as it seems since so much of messaging sent to companies involves “noise that doesn’t warrant a response.”

2. Cloud Call Centers

More companies in all industries have begun partnering with cloud call centers to raise the bar on customer service. They have expanded and diversified the communication channels available to customers — both at home and traveling.

But given their experience and expertise working with businesses and cultures around the world, often in multiple languages, they are uniquely positioned to provide top-notch service and case management, quickly resolving issues that can arise in all corners of the world.

And with advanced analytics tracking and a priority placed on efficient resolutions, they are highly capable of helping travelers, whose issues and angst are magnified by the stress of being away from home in an unfamiliar location.

3. Geotagging and Location Services

Companies’ ability to know their customers’ exact locations is another blessing. Oftentimes, people’s tweets or Instagram posts will include their geotagged location. For tweets that include complaints, this gives companies the opportunity to supply them with the best possible outcome.

For example, if a passenger’s tweet indicates they’re stuck at the Dallas airport due to a missed flight, this gives local hotels or restaurants the chance to draw in some business with a discounted offer. Conversely, a car rental company could suggest helping them get home with a discounted vehicle and waiver of the drop-off fee in a different city.

Instagram, where people often add their location, offers even further marketing opportunities. If someone posts a photo from Atlanta with a caption stating, “I wish I could stay longer, but I already checked out of my hotel,” a savvy local chain could fill an unsold room at a low rate. Not only is that adding revenue, but the traveler is likely to post an image later of their room.

Travel is one of the industries being upended the most by technology. Social media, in particular, has made the ability to interact easier than ever, and various digital channels mean people are reachable at any time, anywhere. Companies should not be simply reacting to these trends and forces, but rather looking to get ahead of the curve.

These days, it’s not just one credit card company. All companies targeting travelers simply have to be “everywhere people want to be.”

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

Should his schedule permit, Andy is available to help you with your SEO and Web Analytics needs.