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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the latest iteration in the Galaxy line of phones. Building on the strong base and adding to it make the S9 one of the Premier phones on the market right now. Lets take a look to see if the facts and daily use back those statements up.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is just slightly larger than the S8 with minimal weight difference. The screen is the same with the only difference being that the S9 has a pixel density of 568 and the S8 has 50 PPI. Even with the small ppi difference, there is no noticeable difference to the human eye. If you currently have the S8 you will be happy with the battery life of the S9 as it has the same battery.


The S9 has a SuperAMOLED that is 5.8in. The resolution is 1440 x 2960. With as we stated earlier a Pixel Density of 568. While some would argue that the iPhone X has a better screen. By the stats, the Galaxy S9 has a better screen. In my opinion, neither screen will let you down. The screen is bright enough to easily read in the daylight. There is also a bluelight filter to help protect your eyes.  The S9 is also good for watching movie or streaming TV. The screen is large enough to easily watch your favorite shows without having to squint.




Powering the S9 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octocore processor.  There is 4GB of memory to keep the phone running smoothly even when you are running two apps at the same time. You have 64GB of storage space for you pictures and video’s as well as being able to expand up to 400GB with the microSD card slot.  The S9 has a built in 300 mAh battery that will keep your phone going for around 6 hours during our testing.  To keep your phone charged there is built in Powermat/Qi wireless charging as well as the USB-C Charging port.



The Galaxy S9 has a 12MP camera F1.2-F1.5 aperture. This allows for superior photos in both low light and sunlight. Photo quality is among the best in the smart phone market. The camera features optical image stabilization and autofocus. The phone also features Super Slow Mode that allows you to capture your favorite moments in slow motion. Super Slow Mode captures 960 frames per second.  The iPhone X slow mode only records is a max of 240 fps. The camera also has a lot of great features such as manual focus, object tracking, face detection and voice activation. You can also use manual mode to adjust all the camera settings to get the exact shot you want. If you are into editing photo’s you can save photo’s in RAW Format. This gives you a great picture to edit. The front facing camera is 8MP and lets you get that perfect Instagram Selfie or Snapchat video.




Samsung has packed many features in the S9. First is Bixby. This is Samsung’s personal assistant. With Bixby you can send text messages with just your voice, set reminders, add appointments to your calendar and many other features. The Edge Screen allows you quick access to contacts for texting, phone calls, quick app access, stock tracking, clipboard, weather, quick tools,calendar and more.  Audio speakers are tuned by AKG Harman for crisp clear sound. Also, to protect data and the information on your phone the S9 has Samsung Knox as well as multiple ways to lock your phone such as Password, Iris detection, Facial recognition, Fingerprint, Pattern, and Pin.  If you are into fitness, Samsung has their Samsung Heath app that can track your workouts, Sleep, heart rate, pulse oximitry and stress levels. The S9 is also the first Galaxy phone to feature AR Emoji’s. This allows you to take a picture of your face and create your own emoji. With this emoji, you can send AR stickers, AR Video’s of you singing songs,



The Samsung Galaxy S9 took what made the other Galaxy phones great and improved on it.  With its combination of power, speed, and battery life, you can’t go wrong with this Android 8.0 powered phone. If you are looking to make the switch from Apple or just looking at upgrading your current device, the S9 is where you need to be.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network for $24.00 a month on a 24 month lease or you can buy the phone for $799.99. The phone comes in Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, and Coral Blue.


Author: Ben Oaks

Ben is a 911 Telecomunicator and a tech nut. Ben was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. He reviews Verizon Wireless products for and is the owner of His hope is to bring you the reviews you want to give you an informed decision on products you may be looking into.