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One of the world’s most traditional and popular advertising mediums, the billboard, has gone hi-tech. Extraordinary and continuously advancing technology has made major inroads into billboard advertising, renewing the interest in some customers while attracting a great number of new customers who once had a very passive attitude about billboard usage.

Digital billboards utilize high-resolution LED displays, with the capability of showing recorded or live images indoors or outdoors. When in an outdoor setting, the latest LED technology delivers optimized color performance, even in direct sunlight.

Businesses looking for a superior digital billboard manufacturer should look for certain elements companies offer that help them stand out from the competition. In terms of flexibility, customers will want to find a company that offers limitless configurations. Proprietary software for programming and monitoring should be available, especially if changes are planned on in advertising on a regular basis.

These billboards are lighter than traditional old cabinet technology; the lighter weight helps reduce the cost of installation. In terms of maintenance, one benefit some companies offer is “no maintenance fees” in the contract.

These advanced billboards are not several units pieced together but are a completely self-contained panel. Superior products are IP 67 rated, with being corrosion resistant as well as waterproof.

In terms of power usage, customers should really do some research here, as units that use up to an average of about 20 percent less power (and often, 1/3 less electricity used) than other similar units will result in great monetary savings over time. With the ideal digital billboard, utilizing single phase power, billboard owners can use existing power at the site of the billboard installation. In addition, these billboards do not have A/C units, helping to prevent power outages and burnouts, while being UL and CE listed. And in the event there may be a problem with digital video billboard products, customers would do well with a five-year limited warranty.

Outside of standard roadside viewing, digital video billboards are now commonly seen inside and directly outside of businesses; in educational institutions; in government facilities; at sports stadiums and arenas; and even at houses of worship.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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