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Twentieth-century home security meant deadbolt locks on all your doors and iron safety bars on all your windows. These days, there are better, sleeker ways to protect your home without turning the exterior into a maximum security prison. If your home needs a safety remodel, these are the modern-day gadgets you should invest in.

Security Camera System

Peppering your house with live surveillance used to require an expensive subscription to a large security corporation, but one-and-done solutions are now the preferred choice for security camera systems. Systems such as those from Lorex Technology come with multiple cameras to place around your home and a centralized DVR system to capture footage. These units will usually have remote access and cloud storage so a burglar can’t simply smash the hardware and erase the evidence.

Smart Lock

Nothing replaces the classic deadbolt, but homeowners looking for a more convenient option to lock the front door will find a great solution in smart locks. They still default to a physical key, but they also connect via Wi-Fi to your homes network and can lock and unlock via your smartphone. What’s the advantage? This makes guest access easy. Instead of giving a key to your mother-in-law, you can simply give an access code that expires when the family visit is over.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide poisoning is an afterthought for most, but it’s still a tragic reality for many homes. Case in point: a family of four recently passed away while sleeping in a house in Mexico. This isn’t a threat of burglary or home invasion, but a good carbon monoxide alarm could still save your live. Some models will even alert your phone in case you’re away when a leak occurs.

Bluetooth Padlock

Maybe your front door is covered but you still need to protect a locker, storage unit or other small space and want the same convenience of wireless entry. Lock manufacturer Master now has a Bluetooth edition that locks and unlocks with nothing more than the presence of your smartphone. All it needs is to be in proximity of the lock and it pops open. And like smart locks for front doors, you can give others access without giving away a key or combination.


Google and Alexa may reign supreme in the world of smart home speakers, but there’s one crutch that puts Siri and the Apple HomePod above the rest of the competition: emergency calls. Google and Alexa can’t call 911 in an emergency, but Siri can. So if there’s a HomePod in your living room and you scream, “Hey Siri, call 911,” it will comply. That could mean the difference between life and death when reaching for your cell phone isn’t an option. Of course, if you already have a Google or an Alexa device, there’s a good chance if could get the upgrade in the near future.

We’re just seeing the first steps of high-tech home security, and these gadgets will only get more integrated in the future. It’s possible we could see one device or system that does all these tasks at once.

Author: Andy Quayle

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