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When a business moves into a new space or wants to create a space for a specific purpose, the company often hires an architect to make that dream a reality. The knowledge and experience of an architect can take the ethereal ideas and make them concrete images. Once those images are set in a design, the company needs to find a fabricator. Here’s everything you wanted to know about fabrication in your architectural designs.

Architectural Design

Businesses have a variety of projects where a skilled architect and designer create an innovative design and plan. Architectural fabrication takes those plans and designs and makes them a reality. Using a fabricator allows the business to recreate their office space or design an event center to meet a specific design. The precision and quality of a good fabricator company keeps the project on cost and on time. The sooner the business can get into the new space, the sooner the business can get back to making money.

Design Variety

Fabrication uses a variety of materials to complete your project. Integrate a variety of materials such as wood, metal, composites, electronics, glass, digital media, lighting and textiles. Create geometric ceilings with waterfall columns on a backdrop of walls with creative designs. Whatever vision you have for your building, fabrication precisely creates those visions to perfectly fit the designed space. The pieces are cut, welded, glued, screwed and stitched together for jaw-dropping design.

Fabrication Future

The environment has been a key focus of the future of architecture in general. Fabrication is no different with a focus on sustainable materials being a highlight for the future. Materials are not the only focus of being an environmentally friendly design. The future of fabrication also looks to the number of emissions required to operate a building. Bioreceptive buildings using cement, charcoal, loam and luffa fibers may be the future of fabrication. New developments in materials are on the horizon such as the titanium dioxide coated thermoformed plastic shells called Prosolve. The façade system was developed by Elegant Embellishments out of Berlin.

Whatever materials the design uses, fabrication offers businesses an opportunity to expand their design beyond the norm. Buildings provide the shape of cities in how they are designed, how they look and the impact they have on the environment. The materials and design you choose for your business should account for all these things. Whether the design focuses on sustainability or awe-inspiring design, fabricators can make that a reality.

Author: Andy Quayle

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