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Business owners might believe that in order to have an effective company website, it should clearly show their products, prices and shipping info — and not much else. But in many cases, customers often find themselves spending too much time on websites trying to find what they are looking for. To help entice these weary shoppers to stay on your site, you have to give them a solid user experience that goes beyond basic product info.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the most effective online platforms that offer a great user experience, as well as ways to engage customers.

Apple Rubber

For business owners who want to order o-rings online, you might think the entire process is a pretty straight forward one, which it is. But when you shop with Apple Rubber, the manufacturing company offers so much more on their site. In addition to clearly listing their enormous inventory of thousands of styles of o-rings, they also have a number of online tools that help you determine which type of o-ring you might need. These tools will engage customers, help answer their o-ring questions and likely result in a solid sale for the company.


NerdWallet is a handy site that helps people learn which credit cards may be best for their needs, how they can find the ideal mortgage and boost their credit score. Of course, in order for people to return to the NerdWallet site over and over, they need some interactive tools to help the website stick out in their minds as a great resource. One way the folks behind NerdWallet have done this is by adding a Home Renovation Calculator tool on the website. For people who are hoping to update their kitchen including new cabinets and a colorful backsplash, they may be feeling overwhelmed by their options and price points. The NerdWallet tool will calmly take them through the potential project question by question, starting with which part of the home the person wants to remodel and what specific projects they had in mind. By using U.S. Census data, NerdWallet will help people find out the average costs of these projects in their area.


We live in a YouTube culture, filled with plenty of videos about all sorts of topics that are available 24/7. Reebok has embraced this love of videos by adding links to compelling and interesting videos and commercials about their products. Titled with catchy phrases like “Put Your Best Foot Backwards,” the site is chock full of videos, colorful images, amazing graphics and other eye-catching features — all while managing not to look busy. For people who are in the market for new running, walking or any other type of athletic shoe, it will be hard for them not to want to spend time on the Reebok site and check out its many features — and then buy a new pair of kicks.

Build an Engaging Site and They Will Come

Paraphrasing a popular quote from the movie “Field of Dreams,” if business owners build an inspiring website, the customers will come. Consider adding interactive tools, calculators, surveys, videos, colorful photos and whatever else you feel will help shoppers to stay on your site instead of going to the next one — these relatively simple additions can add up to a boost in sales.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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