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Marketing is ever-evolving and now the pace is speeding up. Businesses unable to keep up with the changing trends may be left behind. Here are a few of the ways marketing has changed in the past few years.

Digital World

With the growth of digital marketing, businesses are finding that they must be more digital. Most businesses are concerned they have not been able to create effective digital marketing, yet the focus is on digital. Hiring professionals like Eyal Gutentag allows your business to confidently move into the digital marketing world. After all, more and more consumers are accessing their information, doing their shopping and conducting business over the internet. Your business needs to be there too.

Audience-First Strategy

Instead of creating a marketing campaign around what your business wants, the digital marketing campaigns of the present focus on delivering what the target audience wants. Businesses achieve this by delivering the correct message at the right time and never has that been more important. If you only have their attention for a few seconds, the marketing needs to be attention-grabbing, consistent and impactful. Being audience-first means meeting your consumers where they are and that is online. Social media accounts are now a mainstay for many businesses from Facebook pages to Instagram feeds. Linking these back to your website can help you drive traffic and generate leads.

Brand Consistency

It is more important for businesses to have a consistent brand presence across their platform. This goes from their social media accounts to their website to their direct mail flyers. The brand should be the same throughout even if the message is slightly different and the medium changes. Consumers are wary of brand inconsistency. Authenticity is key with the modern-day consumer. The key is to build relationships with your target audience backed by brand consistency to create credibility.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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