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One of the latest innovations to hit the pharmaceutical scene has less to do with medicine and everything to do with technology. It’s hardly surprising pharmacists are embracing a system that makes their lives easier. While most would rather be counseling patients on medication, working with physicians, and dispensing medicines, much of their day is taken up with administration. But all that has changed thanks to the launch of pharmacy POS software. If you work in a pharmaceutical team, here are four reasons why POS software is making such waves in your industry.

Better Customer Service

A POS system enables you to go above and beyond when delivering excellent customer service. Transactions are faster, making lines shorter; you can offer many more payment options; and you can track purchasing behavior, which means you can implement customer loyalty programs. You’ll also have access to inventory and pricing across multiple suppliers, meaning you can always offer your customers the best value for money. All of these opportunities help you become a customer-first organization.

More Efficient Business

How much time do you lose adjusting employee access rights, amending prescription information, inputting customer history, and adding new customers into your database? A POS system removes all the manual administration. Now, all you need to do is scan a barcode or take an image of a prescription, and you’ll capture data within seconds. Customer information can also be more easily transferred between practitioner and pharmacist, making this a more seamless process.

Better Inventory Management

How frustrating is it when you go to fulfill a prescription and realize you’ve run out of a stock item? A POS system enables you to see in real-time exactly how much of anything you’re carrying, it can alert you when you’re running low and need to reorder, and can flag promotional offers from your suppliers. No longer will you spend an afternoon trying to arrange a last-minute delivery.

More Customized Promotions

When you can see selling rates in real-time, you can support any product that has seen a dip in sales with a promotional marketing campaign. A POS system enables you to create not only offers but also the collateral you need to support them. Produce professional-looking signage quickly and easily and see the sales rolling in.

Help your team become even better at what they already do well. Source a professional pharmacy POS supplier to help you install your own POS solution and see the difference it makes to you.

Author: Andy Quayle

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