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The 2015 ImageNet competition saw computerized visual recognition systems achieve better-than-human error rates at identifying and classifying objects. The following year, AlphaGo bested world champion Go player, Lee Sedol, in four out of five matches. Sensing an opportunity, the market poured investments into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools.

Today, these technologies seem to appear almost everywhere. Applications for AI are growing as research continues and breakthroughs are achieved. Following, are three interesting examples of AI and how they may synergistically change daily living.

Self-Driving Cars

AI systems enabling autonomous vehicles are making steady progress. Predictions among industry leaders indicate self-driving capabilities are likely to emerge within five years. Building machines that can safely operate automobiles is an immensely complex task yet, millions of driverless miles have already been logged. The machine learning and AI algorithms accomplishing this task are self-improving over time resulting in steady progress.

Consumer Recommendations

Entertainment content streaming services feature suggestions about content that may interest you based on playlists, likes and dislikes. These suggestions or recommendation algorithms are the implementations of predictive analysis. This type of AI “learns” individual customer habits by referencing past behaviors and choices.

Predictive Supply Chain Management

Items on retailers’ shelves and websites arrive there by moving from manufacturers to warehouses to wholesalers and distributors. Optimizing supply chain systems for profitability and customer satisfaction is a challenge. Variables like the impacts of weather on transportation and consumers’ buying patterns must be accounted for. Data about suppliers and consumers are the lifeblood for the AI that helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers optimize inventories, ordering and logistics.

Bringing it All together

Consider a hypothetical day in your future. While finishing your workday, you request transportation to your home and a self-driving car arrives just as you are walking out the front door. Scrolling through a retailer’s website, as the car navigates traffic, you request your favorite playlist and the music streaming service suggests a new artist in your favorite genre. While reading about the features of a smartwatch, your virtual assistant interrupts the music to inform you of a sale price for the smartwatch at a retailer. You request your vehicle re-route to the retailer. Meanwhile, last week, the retailer’s supply chain AI predicted that a sale price on this smartwatch would result in a 15% increase in sales. The store manager, as a result, ordered additional watches ensuring one is available for you.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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