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Just a quick reference.
Are you having problems connecting your external microphone to your iPhone?

You’ve got a fancy microphone with a fluffy wind thing on the end.  You’ve got the 3mm to lightning jack adapter (the official one from Apple), but it still uses the built-in Microphone when you record?

The problem likely isn’t the iPhone or the microphone – it’s how you have it connected to your phone – it’s the connectors.

You need “TRRS”, connectors, instead of “TRS”.

I was having this issue with my new mic (nothing fancy) and my iPhone 11 Pro.   I changed out the wire that came with the mic to one that has a TRRS end on it – plugged that end into the Lightning Adapter and it all seems to work! (the mic end is still TRS and that seems to be ok as it is – the mic even says that it can take TRS and TRRS).

This video helped:

Author: Andy Quayle

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