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User experience (UX) is one of the deciding factors when it comes to the adaptability, growth, and success of your mobile app. Therefore, you must focus on enhancing the UX for your end-users before you even start planning for the launch. To make this easy, you need to understand your target user’s psychological underpinnings or behavioral patterns by conducting various tests and researching widely. Here are practical ways on how to enhance the UX of your mobile app.

Error-Free Functionality

If you don’t focus on ensuring that the functionality of your mobile app is error-free while building it from scratch, you may end up with a faulty product that nobody wants to use or buy. According to a  Localytics report, 21% of users abandon new apps on the market after only one use if they feel the app’s UX or functionality doesn’t meet their needs. With the right mobile app error monitoring tool, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently detect any errors in your app, and receive real-time alerts before the errors affect your end-users.

Efficient Onboarding

Demonstrate how your users can efficiently and quickly execute various tasks on the app through meaningful onboarding. If navigating your app’s screens seems challenging within the first few minutes, a new user is likely to disregard the app. This means that coming up with a perfect onboarding experience could help you attract and retain more users.

For example, you can use an easy-to-understand tutorial that clearly explains how the app works during the onboarding phase to improve UX. This is particularly crucial if your app has certain hidden features or a complex workflow that might confuse users.

Progressive onboarding should also enhance the long-term success metrics of the app, such as user lifetime value, and lower abandonment rates significantly. It’s also crucial to make the account signup or creation steps marginal by including simple registration options such as Google or Facebook sing ins.

Minimal Search Effort

It’s critical to satisfy the specific needs of your users in order to boost conversion rates by integrating efficient search strategies into your mobile app. Some of the best industry approaches to try out include keyword search and barcode scanning. Provide your users with active search filters and options that will enable them to quickly find what they’re looking for without wasting time.

High Levels of Security and Trustworthiness

Avoid including a long list of permissions that your users will be prompted to accept before they can start using your mobile app. For instance, asking users for access to their photo gallery or credit card information may affect the level of security and trustworthiness of your app.

In fact, some of the permissions you include in your app may end up ruining the overall brand loyalty of the business. Instead, you should consider providing the users with transparent permission policies and allowing them to truly be in full control of their personal information.

Additionally, if you’re designing a retail mobile app, it’s wise to include links to the app’s privacy regulation page. Also, display trusted security badges so as reinforce credibility.

Bottom Line

You should create a UX that encourages your target users to try out the app. The UX should also promote the base function of your app to the targeted audience. A recent New York Times report found that mobile apps featuring location-sharing codes are very popular nowadays. Many people prefer such apps because they provide them with valuable real-time information, including weather and local news.

When creating an app, you need to implement the best practices for mobile application design and development to accomplish these objectives. In other words, you should think about user goals when designing your mobile app to make it app useful and engaging for your target users.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

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