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When you own a small business, you realize that phone service is an integral portion of client relations. You should carefully consider your options when deciding which telephone system you need. Currently, there are three main systems for business communications. These three are Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Key System Units (KSU) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX.)

VOIP Systems

VOIP, also called Cloud Communications, is probably the most recent and versatile of your options. This service is particularly practical because there is a good chance that you are already paying for it. All you really need to use VOIP is internet service. A robust internet service plan can accommodate any amount of communication lines and automation you may need.

You can set up service through VOIP with little or no upfront cost. It usually doesn’t require any more hardware than a headset and a computer system or mobile device. You can also communicate across the globe with no extra charges.

PBX Systems

PBX offers far more automation than some of the other options. It is best suited for larger businesses or businesses that require more advanced messages and call tracking. Most PBX devices offer automated call routing and more reliable telephone services during disasters or power outages.

These also offer more privacy and security because they are location-based. They are usually more expensive than other types of systems.

KSU Systems

KSU does require much money to set up or maintain but may be more expensive if you make global calls. It does not offer much automation and has a very limited number of lines.  It is, however, the easiest to install, set up and use. The technology is older and much less expensive than some of the other telephone types.

All of these phones can accommodate voice mail, multiple lines and other services. The most important things to consider when deciding on a small business phone system are cost, ease of use and your company’s needs.

Author: Andy Quayle

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