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Technology department employees in businesses and schools assume multifaceted roles. Often, they must maintain not just computers and their peripherals, but they also oversee copiers and combination printer-copiers. Because these machines are central to day-to-day operations, they need to be employed strategically, and all employees must be educated on their efficient use. If you are a technology leader or a supervisor, you can achieve these outcomes by duplicating the following measures.

Clarify Positions

Copier-printers can malfunction at the least opportune time, whether because of a paper jam, network hiccup or other error. Someone in the department needs to be available at all times to respond. To avoid confusion and streamline operations, appoint two or three people to be points-of-contact for when a machine suffers a glitch, and make certain every employee has the contact phone number and email address.

Prioritize Accessibility

Sometimes an issue occurs that is beyond your department’s scope to fix. Copiers are high-use equipment pieces. Because they combine sensitive electronics and moving parts, even the best-quality ones will inevitably need emergency service. Make certain you display the direct line to the technology solutions Jackson MI that installed your systems and can quickly make a service call as needed.

Store Supplies

Printers always lose toner, ink or finishing supplies in the middle of an employee’s important job, naturally. You need to make certain that you keep backup pieces on hand for quick replacement. Reorder before supplies become too low if you deal with multiple machines.

Train Users

You can minimize maintenance and usage concerns by teaching every employee how to use the machine properly and efficiently. Most machines have many features that can be used to tailor a printing or copying job, but these features are usually accessible only by following a complex menu tree. Those who installed the machine may provide initial training, but your department should provide reinforcement, especially as new users come on board.

Rotate Signage

Do not assume training will stick. At each copier place signs that reinforce key usage steps and reminders. For example, you should note that everyone should carefully proofread documents before sending them to the printer to avoid reprints. Also, make certain to post copyright rules for legal clarity.

Copier-printers are one of the hubs within busy organizations. The sound of the machines at work is constant within many offices, libraries and faculty workrooms. Technology departments can keep these workhorses humming by employing a thoughtful plan of constant care and feeding.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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