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When you’re beginning your search for voice acting talent, you might not be exactly sure what you need to be assessing. There are a few key elements to be on the watch for when picking out a professional voice actor to suit you and your project’s needs.

1. Vast & Varied Experience in the Field

When you start your hunt for your upcoming project’s voice over talent, you want to look for candidates with experience in the realm of voice acting. Not only will you want to find female or male voice talent that has worked as a voice-over artist and can display that experience in their portfolio, but you’ll want to find someone with a breadth of experience in a variety of different projects. An actor with a more extensive resume shows that multiple directors have wanted to work with this person. A bonus can be finding a voice actor who has worked with a company more than once; this is a good indication of a satisfied customer who has wanted to work with this professional again and again.

2. Professionalism & User-Friendly Accessibility

To have a smooth production process and successful project, you need a responsive and accessible voice actor who works up to professional standards. A solid candidate should have a polished and user-friendly website or profile, where it’s easy to find their voice over samples, a resume of their work, and a way to contact them. Once you do contact them, look for someone who is eager to discuss the project and will happily answer questions regarding their experience, availability, rates, and production process. Not only do you want the person to be easy to work with but to bring a knowledgeable background. Your candidate should be familiar with recording equipment and sound files and able to make your job that much easier.

3. Right Style for Your Needs

In addition to the above-listed qualifications, the voice talent you choose needs to be the right fit for your project. Check their experience for similar projects to yours. Not only do you want to see similar types of projects such as commercials or documentaries, but you’ll want to note projects of a similar tone. If your project requires a warm, friendly voice, look for a voice actor with projects of a similar style. Additionally, you’ll need to speak with your actor about rates and do make sure you find someone who fits within your expected budget.

Knowing what to look for when beginning your voice over talent search will help you be sure to find the right candidate and complete a successful project with efficiency and fun.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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