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The pandemic has been tough for non-profit organizations. They rely heavily on close contact with the public, not only for donations but for their charity efforts as well. Supply chain issues and travel restrictions have also made things extra hard for non-profits.

This doesn’t mean that they should give up, however. If you’re a non-profit owner who wants to stay afloat during these tough times, you will need to be ready to work a bit harder and be a bit more creative in your approach. Here’s how you can attract donations as a non-profit during a pandemic.

Focus on Local Efforts

If your organization is more global in scope, then you will have to concentrate more of your efforts on local initiatives. This will facilitate logistics for you for the time being, but will also help you get more donations.

Being able to make an impact at the local level will give you more attention from the people in the community. You might not even have to actively pursue donors at this point. You will become known simply for the good deeds you do and get visibility through mentions in local media if you make big enough of an impact.

Use SMS Marketing

If you aren’t using SMS marketing yet or have been lax with your SMS marketing efforts, now is the time to turn things up a notch. SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools that you can use at the moment as it allows you to reach massive amounts of donors without having to organize any type of special event.

If you want to know some 501c3 SMS fundraising tips check out Tatango. They have one of the best 501c3 SMS fundraising platforms and will teach you the ins and outs of using SMS to attract donors and receive recurrent donations.

Virtual Fundraiser

Another thing you could do is host a virtual fundraiser. You can have a fundraiser for all donors or only for your big ones.

If you want to do a VIP event, you need to provide as much value as you can. You need to show what you’re doing on the ground with high-quality video and production. You should also get as many interviews from people on the ground as you can, and ask a few people to speak live at your event. It would also be nice if you could get a personality to perform or speak to your donors as well.

You don’t need to stick to a regular fundraiser format either when you run a virtual fundraiser. You can make it fun by having a danceathon, for instance. You could host a huge virtual party and give special prizes to the last person standing while encouraging people to donate throughout the event. Also, show the number of donations you’ve received so far and make the objective very clear to motivate donors.

These are all ways that nonprofits can gather donations during a global pandemic. Follow these tips and always look for new ways to engage your donors.

Author: Andy Quayle

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